Our background in communications and the tertiary education sector, combined with our passion for facilitating international experiences, puts us in a great position to help you get that scholarship, grant or conference paper accepted that you so badly want.

We specialise in working with students and academics on how to best structure and articulate experience and interests against selection criteria and/or requirements.


Our team has had great success working with both undergraduate and graduate students during the scholarship application process. We have maintained a high success rate, with over 90% of the New Colombo Plan scholars we have worked with, reaching the interview stage.

Our process is simple. We work closely with the applicant in the lead up to submission. We provide detailed suggestions and comments to ensure you have addressed the criteria, and that your experiences and interests are delivered in an engaging narrative. We do not write applications from scratch but will provide unlimited draft reviews up until the time of submission.

Our team has worked on some of the most prestigious awards, scholarships and internships currently available to Australian students.  (Click on the images below for more details on how to apply)



Whether you're an academic or student seeking to have your research presented at a conference, or you're applying for funding to attend a conference, we can help you ensure your research, skills and experience are highlighted in the most effective way, in line with the application guidelines.


We work with you to advertise and interview candidates from Vietnam to attend conferences/summits in Australia, or visa versa. We have a strong network of student organisations, social entrepreneurs and business leaders to help find you the best person to fill a role as an attendee or a speaker.


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