We specialise in the establishment and facilitation of people-to-people links between Vietnam and Australia. We do this primarily through study tours to Vietnam - exposing Australian students to a country rich in culture, history and opportunity.

We have offices in Vietnam and Australia, which enables us to work directly with you and our local partners, to tailor your experience and ensure your objectives are achieved.

We coordinate discipline specific, or community engagement and leadership, itineraries that build international awareness, critical thinking and leadership skills. Through volunteering, social enterprise and business engagement, we are confident your students will continue to draw on these experiences long after leaving Vietnam

The next generation of business leaders need to understand South East Asia, and the importance of Australia's business engagement with the region. We have built strong partnerships throughout the business and community development sectors in Vietnam and can work with you to achieve academic outcomes, internship placements, or to provide a general overview of the business landscape in Vietnam

Our tours can include:

Leadership and Community Engagement

We partner with local universities and not-for-profits, to give your staff and students the opportunity to visit different communities, to tackle local challenges head on, and to learn from organisations that are both well established, and new, in Vietnam. Examples of the activities we can
arrange are:

  • Overnight stay in remote communities to learn about some of the educational and climate change challenges in Vietnam Workshops with local not-for-profit staff/volunteers, and local students (same age as group)
  • Problem solving challenges - 3 - 4 day program for students to visit a community and develop a workable solution for a challenge currently faced in that community
  • Visits to schools and communities to distribute school supplies


We work with local organisations that are often understaffed and under resourced. Using the skills and interests of your group, we can identify a gap and use your students to provide much needed support to these organisations. Activities can include:

  • Graphic or website design for a not-for-profit website
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • English language support
  • Distribution of supplies to remote or hard to reach locations

International Trade and Investment

If you are interested in business engagement between Australia and Vietnam, we can facilitate opportunities to meet local and Australian business leaders, tour facilities, attend business briefings or networking events that will assist you in making informed decisions. We can provide:

  • Factory tours
  • Invitations to local business networking events
  • Introductions to local and international business leaders in Vietnam
  • Internship / work experience placements

Check out this video recapping our student tour with Griffith University in 2017.


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