In South East Asia, most of the work gets done on the ground. With offices in Brisbane and Ho Chi Minh City, we can save your company valuable time by providing tailored cold-calling services, in both English and Vietnamese. We can help you reach key decision makers in Vietnam, and help you avoid the costly delays that we are used to navigating.


We provide communications advice and services tailored to the Vietnamese market, including press releases, language support, and access to local magazines and newspapers. We have extensive experience writing and editing business and academic documents, and can provide advice on how your business can make small improvements for large impacts.


We are passionate about forging educational links between Vietnam and Australia. We provide services to facilitate your company or educational provider's visit to Vietnam. We can assist in coordinating your company's attendance at a business event or provide you with a two-week itinerary to ensure your staff, or students, get the most out of their trip.